Deborah Little Testimonials

“As a mother, wife, non-profit director, local politician, and community volunteer, I was becoming

overwhelmed with all of my roles. I needed someone to take an unbiased look at my situation
and provide me with guidance towards realistic solutions. DeBorah helped me identify all of
my roles and what I believed about myself as a person. After gaining insights into my personal
perspective, I was able to determine how to be most impactful in all of my roles. We identified that
my greatest challenge was in my role at work, so DeBorah led me through a process of developing
a project management plan that was results oriented and could be used as an accountability tool
for reports to my supervisor. I can honestly say that my coaching sessions with DeBorah has been
life changing, which is to be expected from a dynamic life coach!”

Angela Griffin

Mother, Wife, Non-Profit Director, Community Volunteer

and Member of the Federal Way School Board



“Having worked with many consultants throughout my career, I find DeBorah refreshing!
DeBorah brings knowledge, enthusiasm, honesty and commitment with her to each and
every training she has provided City of Seattle employees. DeBorah’s level of personal
service is incredible and well received by participants with all levels of skill and education.”

Patricia Robledo

City of Seattle Personnel Department

Training & Development


“I have always known DeBorah to be focused, dedicated, articulate, committed, and
bubbling over with common sense and excellence. She works equally well with young
people and adults, respecting each for the unique gifts they possess. I have been
consistently impressed that her work always “exceeds expectations.” I can say with
all honesty and candor that I welcome any opportunity to engage with DeBorah in any

Tom Murphy

Federal Way School District Superintendent


“I have attended three leadership classes that DeBorah has taught and I am always
impressed with her energy, honesty, ability to personally connect and make difficult ideas
easy to understand. She brings a certain ‘Wow’ factor to her teachings and I have been
one of many to stand in line to talk with her further at the end of her sessions. I highly
recommend DeBorah for future trainings, coaching sessions or any other venture she
pursues, because she has an integrity and professionalism that is too often missing.”

Angela Marie Targonie

Human Resources